Fire Protection

Sahba Ashian and Fire Protection

Since Sahba Ashian Construction Co. has put its main concentration on building operation and maintenance, one of the important issues in this regard, which our company pays special attention to, is the protection of buildings against fire. However, we mean the building in this discussion of any structure that is in danger of fire such as bridges, towers, and etc..
This protection, which includes the dimensions of human and financial safety, is one of the most essential requirements for the operation of the building, and with the passage of time the attention the world has on this issue is constantly increasing. 

We know that nowadays there are several requirements, including insulating in various dimensions and … in buildings, while many of these issues will cause buildings to be exposed to fire.
Our mainly concentration in this area is fireproofing which means using fireproof layers can be found on columns, walls, ceilings, etc., the use of fire-resistant glass and etc..