Energy Conservation

Sahba Ashian and Energy Conservation

We live in an era where resources are not limited; the advantage is not to use the most resources, because energy sources such as oil, gas, coal, etc. will soon be run out.
Moreover, even if we ignore the lack of resources, we can not ignore the environmental loss due to the consumption of fossil fuels. In this days, all countries face the environmental crisis, air pollution, and etc..

That is why values ​​have changed, and everyone who consumes more will not be more valuable in the society, and values ​​have moved to the point that we value the low consumption.

energy loss
energy loss

As an instance, Because of the lack of attention to energy saving, more than 30% of the thermal energy in buildings is wasted from roofs, floors, walls, glasses, etc., hence, people should consume at least 30% more energy.
Energy consumption in Iran is about 5 times higher than in developed countries.